Trump’s first real test of resolve

The situation with North Korea and the US is delicate. This is Trump's first real test, and why I'm not worried or panicking.

Trident-For and Against

Sometime within the next year, the Government will debate and then vote on Trident. The current generation of nuclear submarines that carry Trident will end their lifespan in the late 2020s, and so the decision as to whether Britain will commit to renewing Trident needs to be made soon. First, a little bit of information. Trident …

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Yesterday was my 16th birthday, and, in the afternoon, it suddenly occurred to me: why do we celebrate birthdays? More importantly, why do we celebrate milestones of any kind? Why do we mark 5 years since an occasion or event. Why do we mark 100 years? 100 years ago, World War 1 was fully raging. …

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“When you go Home, tell them of us and say, For your Tomorrow, we gave our Today”

So today is remembrance Sunday, a very moving and important day in our country's calendar. Now, I'm not going to start on why General Sir Nick Houghton's comments as Chief of Defence Staff are wrong: he said people should remember in their own way, that people shouldn't have to wear a poppy. Instead, I'm going to use today …

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The Day Summed Up #8

Unfortunately, due to wifi issues, I wasn't able to post anything yesterday. So, let's see what I've missed. Well, a 16 year old boy from West London has been charged in connection with the Talk Talk hack. I previously spoke about the first arrest, a 15 year old boy from Northern Ireland. Both boys' home …

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The Migration Crisis

As promised, here follows my Migration Crisis blog. First, we need to look at the source of the problem. People migrate for several reasons. It could be moving to find work or following a particular career path. It could be to do with quality of life or to be closer to family. It could be …

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Compassion Fatigue

A few months ago I wrote an essay on Compassion Fatigue, based on the short story by Dave Eggers that you can find here. Coming from a military family, it's an essay I thoroughly enjoyed writing and so I have decided to share it. I hope you enjoy it.  In this essay I will be examining the origins of compassion …

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