The Plan

The plan for the next few days is a blog on healthcare. Not just the NHS, but healthcare worldwide, answering questions like what is the best system, and why are there always going to be flaws with how countries provide healthcare. Stay tuned for the post. ©Henry Jones 2015

The Day Summed Up #12

Unfortunately I haven't been able to do one of these for a few days; I've been busy writing some other more specific blogs. So, what news have a I missed? Well the biggest news of today, apart from it being Rememberence Sunday, is of Jermeny Corbyn accusing the Cheif of the Defence Staff, General Sir …

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News Update-Russian Airliner crash

Note. This post is for my blogging 101 course. I've embedded a tweet as a 'new to me' element to my post. My target audience is those who would rather important news was broken down into smaller chunks with no unnecessary information-as concise as possible. And so this is the news of Egypt's President Sisi arriving in Downing Street to speak …

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The Day Summed Up #10

Unfortunately, there's not a huge amount of exciting news for my tenth news blog. However, the Russian airline whose plane crashed on wednesday has claimed the crash was caused by an "external influence". Now I'm no genius, but this seems to me to be the airline trying to place the blame as far away from …

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