Why the world needs an engaged United Kingdom

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AT BACKBENCH UK Toby Fountain’s article Britain’s military identity crisis: Questioning our place in a new balance of power is centred on the idea that Britain is in ‘a schism between an old Britain we cling on to that no longer exists and the new Britain in a new world that we are reluctant to acknowledge’. His argument stems from this point, but it’s … Continue reading Why the world needs an engaged United Kingdom

The Sovereignty of The Falkland Islands

In light of Jeremy Corbyn’s comments over the Falkland Islands recently, I thought I would discuss the topic that continues to grow in significance, the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands. The Falklands were first inhabited by the French in 1764. Since, they have been under British, Argentine, Spanish, American AND French control at any one time. Since 1834, with the exception of the period of 1982 … Continue reading The Sovereignty of The Falkland Islands

Compassion Fatigue

A few months ago I wrote an essay on Compassion Fatigue, based on the short story by Dave Eggers that you can find here. Coming from a military family, it’s an essay I thoroughly enjoyed writing and so I have decided to share it. I hope you enjoy it. 

In this essay I will be examining the origins of compassion fatigue and will be giving examples from both fiction and non-fiction. I will then be investigating the causes. In 2004, Dave Eggers wrote short story that gives a very interesting example of compassion fatigue. In the short story, a man sees in a newspaper a soldier, lying dead in a faraway nation, having been dragged from his jeep and mutilated in the dust. Continue reading “Compassion Fatigue”