Why one must be wary of the media frenzy in an international relations ‘crisis’

The past 48 hours have been an old school international relations chess match. North Korea and the US have been at each others’ throats. Two days ago, we were faced with a missile test into the sea nearby to Guam, the American response to which would likely have been of military force. There was even …

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Trump’s first real test of resolve

The situation with North Korea and the US is delicate. This is Trump's first real test, and why I'm not worried or panicking.

A short blog on Islam

Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar, and is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, during which you only eat after sunset and before sunrise. Ramadan isn’t just fasting from food, it’s also a fast from bad deeds. It’s supposed to make you self-conscious and self-aware. Muslims are also instructed to refrain …

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The National Anthem

On the 4th March, MPs will debate whether to adopt an official national anthem. The current situation is as follows. God Save the Queen is the national anthem for the UK as a whole, however is used by England at sporting events. Other countries in the UK have their own unofficial anthems. Scotland for example …

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The United Kingdom will bomb Syria

The motion has been approved by a majority in the House of Commons. Notable events of the day involved shadow foreign secretary Hillary Benn delivering an inspiring speech at the end of the debate, responded with applause from both sides of the chamber. Despite multiple attempts, MPs failed to convince Cameron to apologise for his …

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The Scottish MPs are causing chaos for the Conservative's, putting both the PM and the Foreign Secretary in highly difficult situations. Angus Robertson has been speaking for a while now and is not giving way.

The Commons today…

Chaos. I won't claim to be an expert. But for example, Jeremy Corbyn is tstruggling to speak under the noise of conservative MPs shouting for him to sit down. The contrast is respect for anyone else speaking. Notably so far, Sir Alan Duncan completly rebuff in labour. 

Syria-to bomb or not to bomb

As I mentioned in my blog after the Paris attacks, the UK needs to be destroying the inspiration (ISIS) that causes such attacks. It's all very well foiling seven attacks in the past six months, but they will keep coming. They will continue to be planned and carried out because the inspiration to do so remains in …

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