IMG_7142Welcome to my personal blog. Personal being the crucial word, in that it doesn’t restrict me to a certain field, but allows me to write about what interests me, when I want.  Generally I focus on international relations, international strategy and geopolitics. I also publish the occasional article on gender bias and other social issues we face today, as well as articles looking at the influence of the media and the power one has in the media.

Whilst this is my personal blog, I am also currently Communications Director at The People’s News. If you like my writing here, please head over to The People’s News. We’re a group of passionate and ambitious young writers, who cover a huge breadth of topics.

I’ve grown up in a military family, and am passionate about this field, and am particularly passionate about the British involvement in defeating Da’esh, as well as the humanitarian work we do. My recent post for BackBench UK, which can also be found on this site here, was my attempt to defend British interventionism and the benefit that it has.

To describe my views is difficult, but I’m very aware of the misleading nature of mainstream media, and try to be very careful when reading it. I think it says something about me that Apple News is my most used app, in that you can read the same story from BBC News, CNN, and The Guardian, all very accessibly, to give you a wider range of views. Only by doing this I believe can you understand the full story. I’m a free market economist. I neither left nor right, but economically I believe raising taxes are better in the long term than borrowing money. Please send me a tweet to ask why! I’m a feminist, and yes male feminists exist. I’m also a musician, and aspire to work in intelligence, or in international strategy.

Guest writing

To get in touch with me about guest writing, please email hthj@henryjonesblog.com. Similarly, please do get in touch if you want to write something for me to be published here.

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