Poll finds just 15% think Armed Forces are well equipped

Originally published at the UK Defence Journal. Link here

A poll conducted by ICM Research for the Ministry of Defence has found that just 15% of those surveyed ’strongly agree’ that the UK Armed Forces is well equipped.

ICM interviewed ‘a representative sample’ of over 1,000 British adults between June and July last year.

Respondents were asked how far they agree with the statement ‘The UK Armed Forces are well equipped’. Just 15% of those surveyed responded with ‘strongly agree’, while 57% responded with one of the varied levels of disagreement.

41% were not aware that the UK is currently taking delivery of 2 new aircraft carriers and the F-35B

When broken down, the respondents believe the British Army is the worst equipped service, with 15% believing is is well equipped, compared to 20% for the Royal Navy, and 27% for the RAF.

Other noteworthy results included 89% of people believing that military make ‘a positive contribution to the UK’, and 79% of people believing the UK are having a positive impact in ‘defeating Da’esh’.

Most overwhelmingly, 86% of respondents believe ‘The Ministry of Defence needs to invest in state-of-the-art technology and equipment in order to protect national security’.

The underlying trend showcased by the poll suggests a lack of public understanding of the armed forces, as well as varied levels of dissatisfaction as to how they’re deployed. Many were also unaware of the locations of current deployments, with only 3% knowing of the UK’s presence in Estonia.

The full report can be found here.

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