Introducing Blog of the Week

Okay so my idea is this. Every week I will select ONE blog post. This isn’t from the author I like most. This isn’t a post I most agree with: it may completely oppose everything I stand for! This is about a post that is well written, well presented, uses nice pictures or embeds tweets. Something that LOOKS professional. A first sentence that draws me in, not makes me close the tab and look at someone else’s blog! No spelling mistakes. And loads of likes isn’t a factor. I may see two blogs, one has had no likes, one has had 15 likes and lots of positive comments. But I would go for whichever is the best.

I will announce the winner once a week, along with some others that were contenders.


  1. The award will always go to the best one in my opinion, even if I gave the award to the same author the previous week.
  2. A winner can give me one suggestion by email:     This is a post they would like me to seriously consider for the following week’s award.
  3. The winner will be added to a list that will be easily accessible from a menu on my blog-potentially more views for the winner.
If there are any questions please let me know!!!
Copyright Henry Jones 2015
Copyright Henry Jones 2015

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