It’s the Muslims Who Suffer

A few have you will have seen my take on the situation. Well please, Emily’s is wonderful. Read it, think about it, like it, share it!

just consider it


There’s a sombre mood in Paris at the moment, where it’s a time to reflect on the deliberate and calculated murders that occurred there on Friday night. We won’t know the full death toll for a while as there are many people who are critically injured, so the eventual number of the dead is guaranteed to rise. It’s an awful situation that has seen reactions from around the world, with most countries showing their solidarity by flying the French flag in tribute and defiance. The ‘Islamic State’ has claimed responsibility for the blatant attacks on innocent concert goers, restaurant patrons and those just out for a good time at the football.

Are any of us who have been watching the unfolding events really surprised that these Islamic extremists have finally struck at the western world? This has been their agenda all along, to strike at the godless heathens in the…

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