The Day Summed Up #13

The big news of today is that David Cameron has laid out his four EU reform goals. They are:

  • Protection of the single market for Britain and other non-euro countries
  • Boosting competitiveness by setting a target for the reduction of the “burden” of red tape
  • Exempting Britain from “ever-closer union” and bolstering national parliaments
  • Restricting EU migrants’ access to in-work benefits such as tax credits
So what is important about them? Well Cameron leads a country with an expanding industrial market. Britain has worked hard to get its self out of the recession using the “single market for Britain”, and Cameron wants to protect that into the future. The idea of boosting competitiveness is appealing. To understand why, lets look at it in terms of life, more specially, a national newspaper’s office. One of the journalists writes an outstanding piece, commended by the editor. And you naturally want to compete; you want your pieces to be just as good and just as liked by the editor. So this competitiveness inspires and motivates you to produce better work. The same is true in business, and so boosting competitiveness is undoubtedly a very good thing. Exempting Britain from an “ever closer union” is I think code for we don’t want to be one of the member states of the EU being tied down by universal EU laws. It’s the fancy way of saying we want to make our own laws and run our own country.  The final point about migrants I am going to wait to analyse, because the issue will undoubtedly have lots of so-called ‘small print’ which will be essential in discussing the matter.
What other news have we seen today? Well, there are calls for Russia to be banned from international athletics events after the IAAF doping review was published. So called “mystery heat spots” have been found inside the Great Pyramids of Giza, prompting the question “just how much do we know about these wonders of the world”? And Scotland is braced for Storm Abigail, the first storm ever to be officially named the Met Office. As always, please leave a like and follow. Keep track of my news page for more of this.

7 thoughts on “The Day Summed Up #13

  1. I can understand why Britain would want to protect it’s economy and laws, but what I don’t understand is why it believes itself exempt from the laws of a united body which is also struggling with things like the migrant crisis (i.e. Europe). Protecting your country from economic suicide is one thing, but why on Earth are people buying into scaremongering to do with migrants and their work status? Why deny them the ability to be able to claim taxation back on the government when all their earnings are going back into the country? I suspect this is an effort to keep all finances in Britain because they’re afraid the money will go to the migrant’s families in their home countries, and that is dictating where people’s money goes, and how is that right? They should get the same benefits as everyone else.

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    1. As I say, I have chosen not to talk about the migrant side of things because it’s a very delicate subject. Personally I belive they should be treated the same. “Love thy neighbor”.

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  2. Sorry, I just realised that it’s your Birthday (just!), so I hope you had a really HAPPY BIRTHDAY Henry!

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    1. Awwww thank you so much Emily.



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    1. Oh dear me. Hi Yolanda……


    2. Oooooo there’s a spam button here. Perhaps I could mark your comment as spam? 😉


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