The Day Summed Up #12

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do one of these for a few days; I’ve been busy writing some other more specific blogs. So, what news have a I missed? Well the biggest news of today, apart from it being Rememberence Sunday, is of Jermeny Corbyn accusing the Cheif of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nick Houghton (the commander of the British military) of political bias after Houghton suggested on the Andrew Marr Show that perhaps Corbyn wouldn’t be prepared to push the ‘nuclear button’. Corbyn has called upon the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon to take action against these comments. Now I don’t really know where to stand on this issue. Obviously the British military, because it operates under the state, shouldn’t have a political bias, just like the NHS or Police shouldn’t. However, I do feel that someone who isn’t prepared to use our country’s nuclear deterrent should not be leader. I need to avoid going on a full on political rant here, but Corbyn is the leader of the opposition, a pretty important role. So he needs to suck it up. Every year, our country unites to remember those who have died defending us. And yet he feels he is exempt to this. Apart from this being a slightly peculiar stance, it can’t be doing anything for his hope of becoming Prime Minister. Refusing to sing the national anthem, and looking today like he didn’t want to be at a rememberence service is hardly winning him support! 

 What else has been in the news? The foreign secretary, Philip Hammond has warned the EU not to snub the UK’s demands for EU reform, saying that if other member countries chose to dismiss the demands, the British people will “vote to leave”. Hammond also announced today that airport security “may need a rethink” if the russian airliner was proved to have crashed due to a bomb on board. For more daily news updates, follow my blog and watch my news page! 

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