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In light of the recent crash of a Russian airliner, I’m going to do an analysis of current airport security measures, and where perhaps, they are flawed. The crash was, apparently, caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft. So how hard is it to smuggle a bomb on board? That’s a question many people are asking, and rightly so. However, its also important to consider the possibility that a bomb was planted on board by a member of the ground crew. I believe there should be focus on how staff are searched; the way its done is patchy.

In the EU, all staff go through the same security procedures and checks that we do every time they enter secure areas. However, this isn’t the same for airport staff in the USA and many other countries, leaving the airports of those countries vulnerable. Various sources have suggested that passenger security at Sharm el-Sheik airport is extremely tight, and there are suggestions that getting a bomb through would be luck more so than skill. I think it was more than likely, if the aircraft was indeed brought down by a bomb, that the bomb was planted on board by airport staff. At Sharm el-Sheik, this may have been fairly easy for the culprit.

But lets focus on how easy it is for passengers to smuggle things through security. One major difference between European and American security is that, in America, they ensure that your phone can be switched on, to prove that it isn’t a bomb. This doesn’t happen in Europe. But throughout the world, people will undergo the following checks:

  1. Check in: Staff are the first line of defence, asking questions like “did you pack your bags yourself”.
  2. Hand luggage: Scanned for illegal items and in some airports, bags undergo scrutiny from sniffer dogs.
  3. Body scanner: For the first time recently, I was asked to go in a body scanner. I’m not sure what the protocol is for who is scanned, but, its possible to not be scanned which I see as a potential flaw.

If you have had any unusual experiences at airport security, or think the system needs to be improved, please leave a comment below! 

2 thoughts on “Airport Security Feature

  1. I was watching QI the other day, when someone on the panel said they were at customs when the people who had behind them. suddenly produced a large bag of water with a live fish in it! Customs didn’t seem to mind about the fish, but were worried that the clear liquid was actually nitroglycerine, so they asked the men to drink some of it, then let them go ahead and catch their flight. What I can’t figure out is how a live fish could possibly swim in nitroglycerine!

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    1. Extraordinary story. I really do despair of some of the security policies!

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