News Update-Russian Airliner crash

Note. This post is for my blogging 101 course. I’ve embedded a tweet as a ‘new to me’ element to my post. My target audience is those who would rather important news was broken down into smaller chunks with no unnecessary information-as concise as possible. 

And so this is the news of Egypt’s President Sisi arriving in Downing Street to speak with our PM to discuss security. This is about as much as we know so far, so why has be come? Well new information has come to light, suggesting that the airliner crashed due to an “explosive device” on board. As such, the foreign office has suspended all flights between the UK and Sharm airport. Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, has said that they are “looking to tighten up routine security at Sharm”.

My original thoughts on the crash, which you can find here, were that a bomb on board was unlikely. However, the aircraft broke up mid air, leaving 3 possible causes: bomb on board, missile attack, and the repair from the tailstrike in 2001 failing, causing a rapid decompression of the cabin. The missile theory was ruled out due to the fact that the missiles Islamic State posses cannot reach the altitude at which the plane was flying. And whilst a plane crashed in 1985 after a tailstrike repair failed, it seems unlikely that this was the cause. The new information that has prompted the Foreign Office into suspending all flights has not yet been announced, but, “unusual” sounds were heard in the cockpit by the flight recorders. I suspect, although, as I say, it hasn’t yet been announced, that the British security services do have conclusive evidence to suggest that the flight crashed due to a terrorist attack. Time will perhaps confirm my suspicions, but for now, stay tuned, follow my blog, leave a like and I will continue post the latest news.

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