Blogging 101-Title and Tagline

I’m just going to quickly elaborate on the above things. First my title: “The Personal Blog of Henry Jones”. So, why not the “News Blog of Henry Jones”? Or “My Travel Blog”? That’s very simple, I don’t want to specialise in anything. I do my daily news blogs, but then I also love writing about other things. I have a wide range of interests and if my blog title limited me to talking about one type of thing, I’d end up straying into my others interests that are irrelevant to my blog’s title. So “The Personal Blog of Henry Jones” allows me to write about what I want, without having to make it relevant to my blog’s title. 

And my tagline: “Every day’s headlines summed up, along with some other thoughts”. It’s the “other thoughts” bit that’s important. If it was just “Every day’s headlines summed up”, I could call my blog “Henry’s news blog”. I wanted to add the “other thoughts” part because I write about “other” things! 

I hope I’ve given you a clearer insight into my choice of title and tagline. If so, please give me a like and subscribe. 

2 thoughts on “Blogging 101-Title and Tagline

    1. joneshth

      Thank for your feedback. Looking at your blog, I love the idea to use a quote as the tag line. It’s a really nice idea. Thanks for the feedback. All the best.


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