The Day Summed Up #11

For the first time since migrants tired to cross into Britain via the channel tunnel, migrants are causing real issues for the UK, as well as other European nations. RAF Akrotiri is an RAF base in Cyprus. It was used as a stopping point for flights from the UK to Afghanistan, and now gives the UK a very important presence strategically in that area. The RAF fast jets that are being used to bomb Islamic State are based there. On the 21st October, boats carrying migrants landed in Cyprus. It’s thought that there were about 140 migrants on board these boats in total. It was the first time during the migrant crisis that people have arrived on UK sovereign territory. They have been at a temporary camp while their asylum applications are being processed. The responsibility for the migrants is with the Cypriot authorities, not the RAF or MOD. A video has now emerged, apparently filmed by a migrant, of people burning tents, climbing fences and one man threatening to hang himself. The British response to this chaos is unconfirmed, although it’s possible the MOD could send further personal to assist, as this matter is, as I’ve said, occurring on British territory. 

The driver of a bin lorry which crashed in Glasgow, killing 6 people, has apologised. He blacked out at the wheel, in turn causing the crash. He had done so previously in 2010 and not notified the DVLA. It has been announced that he won’t be charged with man slaughter, although he may face a private prosecution from the relatives of those who were killed. He has been accused of lying and certainly isn’t helping the families by the way he’s answered questions in court. Now, this is my blog, and so I shall express my opinion. I believe the man should be prosecuted. He blacked out which wasn’t his fault; he didn’t murder these people. But he should have been responsible enough to stop driving after he had had a previous history of blacking out at the wheel. He has been given multiple chances to apologise to the families, and even though he finally has, it simply comes to late. To me, this is a shocking story, and if you have a minute, please read more on on it the BBC News website. 

What else have we discovered today? Well VW has had some more bad luck. The current scandal it’s facing regards diesel emissions, but while investigating that, they have discovered that up to 800,00 cars in Europe could also have “irregularities” in their carbon dioxide emission levels. And another arrest into the Talk Talk hack; another 16 year old boy. There seems to be a trend in the age range being investigated. Four arrests have been made: a 15 year old, two 16 year olds, and a 20 year old. For more daily news updates, follow my blog and watch my news page! 

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