The Day Summed Up #10

Unfortunately, there’s not a huge amount of exciting news for my tenth news blog. However, the Russian airline whose plane crashed on wednesday has claimed the crash was caused by an “external influence”. Now I’m no genius, but this seems to me to be the airline trying to place the blame as far away from itself as possible. It seems to rule out aircraft failure and pilot error. And so we are in my mind left with 2 possibilities: a bomb on board and the possibility of it having been shot down by Islamic State. I addressed the possibility of the latter theory in my blog yesterday, which you can find here. I concluded that it was unlikely. Its important to remember that the black box hasn’t been analysed, and so the airline already ruling out potential causes seems premature. The bomb on board again seems unlikely. There are heightened security measures at Sharm el-Sheikh airport (the airport the aircraft departed from) to prevent such a thing. However, it has been said by officials that the plane broke apart mid air. That would indicate a catastrophic failure (explosion on board) instead of a mechanical failure. With the two black boxes very much intact, it shouldn’t be too long before we know more. Of course, I will bring the latest news daily; keeping following my news section! 

A few other stories of note today. More VW vehicles than were previously thought have been found to be fitted with the emmsions test cheat device. Fog causes more flight disruption in the London airports. On the theme of airports, please have a look at my blog on why Heathrow should be expanded. You can find it here. A man managed to smuggle a sandwich and a knife into prison using a fishing rod and some external help! And Google plans a drone delivery service. For more daily news updates, follow my blog and watch my news page! 

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