Who I am and why I’m here 

Ok, well let’s start with the who I am. I’m Henry Jones, I live in the south west of the UK and have lived here most of my life, bar a short period in Northern Ireland. I go to school in Dorset, where, naturally, I enjoy English more than other subjects; doing analytical essays and the like, inspired by my teacher who is quite possibly the most intelligent women I’ve ever met. I come from a military family which you may in time be able to see from my writing. And I have a love of aviation; I do gliding which I really enjoy and am very interested in flying for the RAF. We have a family black Labrador, I love the sea, sailing, rugby, and I’m a music exhibitioner. If any of you are historians, or are indeed genuinely interested, my grandfather was Lt Col H Jones VC, and as I say, if you are interested, you can read his Wikipedia page here.

And so we move on to the why I’m here bit. I’ve never really kept much of a journal or diary, expect for on holidays, and so part of it is being able to look back upon how I viewed the world in the past. Moreover, I think a lot. About everything. I’ll hear something on the news or the radio, and I’ll think about it for ages. A major news story, it’ll be on my mind for days after. Political events; I’ll have little “what if’s” in my mind. All these thoughts, I think, should be translated into words and I’m publishing it for all the world to see, because I hope, other people can share in my fascination for the world that we live in and it’s events. So what topics will I write about? Well I do my daily news summed up sections, which really benefit me I feel in forcing me to read in detail about the day’s news in newspapers and online. And I do features on current events and big issues. In time, I may do some slightly more philosophical writing; I’m religious, but for now I’m concentrating on slightly simpler writing. I’d really like to connect with other people in doing this; share ideas and collaborate. And I think my overriding goal isn’t something massive or specific. It’s just positive feedback. I little bit of recognition for the time I put in.

25 thoughts on “Who I am and why I’m here 

  1. yvonnekli

    The world is such a big place and I think it’s wonderful to be curious and inquisitive – as you are – and I look forward to following you along this journey. I think we’ll get along just fine. Happy blogging.

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  3. Just because you wrote that you want to connect with bloggers who like to discuss, I’ll follow you… Just kidding!
    I do love discussion. And I think it’s wonderful to get into topics a little deeper to understand it and share your thoughts about it. It’s a whole different perspective on our world, and I find it fascinating to analyze everything.
    I hope you keep it up!
    (By the way, I love that your site’s layout looks like an actual news/magazine website. So fitting!)

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  4. Hi Henry, glad to meet you – I am always impressed when I get to encounter young, promising people like you. My dearest hope is for a generation of youth capable to take over and act in the world from a higher, wider, better perspective than mine and than previous generations used to (well, with a few exceptions, probably, like your grandfather, or like mine, of whom I am also proud); keep it up, say your saying, and never worry about overthinking, our minds need those six-pack muscles as much as the body – maybe more 🙂

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      1. 🙂 The only real good advice from what I could see along time – the difference between being a survivor or a “thriver” and a casualty (people who just forgot the blog and blogging altogether) is to bravely navigate through good and bad weather – good luck and happy blogging!

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  5. Hi Henry, thought I’d drop by and say hello. I also wanted to thank you for following one of my blogs.
    I believe I recall you from Blogging 101 in Nov last year.
    I love the image used in your heading. You have certainly built up significant interest in your blog – congratulations! You articulate your thoughts well and have developed an assured voice and accessible writing style. I thoroughly enjoyed your post on the sky, particularly your descriptions of it as an orange canvas.
    Best wishes and I hope you achieve your blogging aims for 2016.

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