Who I am and why I’m here 

This my personal blog. Personal being the crucial word, in that it doesn’t restrict me to a certain field, but generally I write about politics, with domestic and international, international strategy and geopolitics. I also publish the occasional article on gender bias and other social issues we face today.

To describe my views is difficult, but I’m very aware of the misleading nature of mainstream media, and try to be very careful when reading it. I think it says something about me that Apple News is my favourite app, in that you can read the same story from BBC News, CNN, and The Guardian, all very easily, to give you the full story. I’m a free market economist. I neither left nor right, but economically I believe taxes are better than borrowing money. Please send me a tweet to ask why! I’m a feminist, and yes male feminists exist. I’m also a musician, and aspire to work in intelligence, or in international strategy.

25 thoughts on “Who I am and why I’m here 

  1. yvonnekli

    The world is such a big place and I think it’s wonderful to be curious and inquisitive – as you are – and I look forward to following you along this journey. I think we’ll get along just fine. Happy blogging.

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  3. Just because you wrote that you want to connect with bloggers who like to discuss, I’ll follow you… Just kidding!
    I do love discussion. And I think it’s wonderful to get into topics a little deeper to understand it and share your thoughts about it. It’s a whole different perspective on our world, and I find it fascinating to analyze everything.
    I hope you keep it up!
    (By the way, I love that your site’s layout looks like an actual news/magazine website. So fitting!)

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  4. Hi Henry, glad to meet you – I am always impressed when I get to encounter young, promising people like you. My dearest hope is for a generation of youth capable to take over and act in the world from a higher, wider, better perspective than mine and than previous generations used to (well, with a few exceptions, probably, like your grandfather, or like mine, of whom I am also proud); keep it up, say your saying, and never worry about overthinking, our minds need those six-pack muscles as much as the body – maybe more 🙂

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      1. 🙂 The only real good advice from what I could see along time – the difference between being a survivor or a “thriver” and a casualty (people who just forgot the blog and blogging altogether) is to bravely navigate through good and bad weather – good luck and happy blogging!

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  5. Hi Henry, thought I’d drop by and say hello. I also wanted to thank you for following one of my blogs.
    I believe I recall you from Blogging 101 in Nov last year.
    I love the image used in your heading. You have certainly built up significant interest in your blog – congratulations! You articulate your thoughts well and have developed an assured voice and accessible writing style. I thoroughly enjoyed your post on the sky, particularly your descriptions of it as an orange canvas.
    Best wishes and I hope you achieve your blogging aims for 2016.

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