The Day Summed Up #7

In my first blog, which you can find here, I spoke of a stabbing at a school in Sweden killing 2 people. Now, a 16 year old boy has been killed, at a school stabbing, here in the UK. The incident is being treated as a murder inquiry. It’s not entirely clear as yet what happened, but another 16 year old boy has been detained by police. So this is someone we assume was in the victims academic year, but again, it’s not clear if he attended the same school as the victim. So this wouldn’t appear to be an extremist terror attack, but it’s still a young boy with a family and a future who’s life was taken today. 

Another big story today is the Metropolitan Police announcing that fewer officers are to continue investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. I actually remember the day she disappeared when it was in the news. It was in 2007 and really can’t remember a lot of my life before then. But at a young age, I was able to to sense the shock of my parents and the nation. The justification for these cuts is that there are “fewer lines of inquiry”, which seems fair when the Met polices London and has finite resources and manpower. Her parents say they remain hopeful their daughter will be found and, while the Met deny their investigation is drawing to a close, it’s been over 8 years and no conclusion has yet been reached. 

Also in the news today, the British grandfather who was set to receive 300 lashes in Saudi Arabia for making wine is to be released form prison.  Jeremy Corbyn seems to want answers from David Cameron about the tax credit cuts after asking the same question 6 times. And Sepp Blatter has suggested there was an agreement for the Football World Cup 2018 to be awarded to Russia before the vote on the matter took place. 

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