The Day Summed Up #6 

The big news of today is that the Government has announced a review into the workings of parliament, after the House of Lords voted against the tax credit cuts. Downing Street has said it wants to examine “how to protect the ability of elected governments to secure their business”. Simplified, Downing Street doesn’t think that the 760 members of the House of Lords interfering in elected politicians’ business is a recipe for a healthy political system in this country. Most of these are life members who are paid £300 per day they appear. George Osborne reflects how MPs feel best, saying that the Lords must “respect the constitutional conventions that say the elected part of our Parliament votes on financial matters and the other part doesn’t”. Traditionally, the Lords cannot vote on these matters. I think you could argue that Osborne referring to the House of Lords as the “other part” is insulting; indeed Labour criticised the government for “intimidating” the House of Lords. 

In other news today, Chelsea have been knocked out of the English League Cup, of which they are the current champions, by Stoke City. A video emerges of an American police officer throwing a student across a classroom. Depending on the outcome of the investigation that has been called on this incident, I may be promoted to write about the difference in policing Britain and America. Watch this space. Data roaming charges will be abolished: good news for those who travel frequently. And Apple announces a 22% rise in profits since September compared to last year. 

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