The Martian-A Film Review

First off, don’t expect a lot of film reviews from me. I’m not really an avid cinema goer, but I’ve been looking forward to seeing The Martain for a long time. I saw it this afternoon and was not disappointed: the cast was every bit as impressive as I had hoped. Matt Damon was incredible, showing a huge amount of emotion and I think quite accurately portraying what it would be like to be alone on Mars. And without being a NASA engineer or a rocket scientist, I can’t really have a definitive view, but it seemed the production team really put in an effort to make this film very scientifically accurate; indeed they did world closely with NASA in production. It’s one of those films when you gain an emotional connection with not just Matt Damon’s character, but certain others as well. The special effects are stunning, the CGI is incredible; designing multiple wide shots of Mars’ dramatic landscape and having many complex and intricate sets can’t have been easy. This certainly isn’t one of those films where you feel the production team have tried to save money. If any of you haven’t already seen it (I know it been on in cinemas for a few weeks now), I highly recommend you do; it will leave you extremely impressed and make you an expert on life on Mars! You can buy tickets on the main website, which you can find here

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