The Day Summed Up #5

It’s been quite a busy day today: The House of Lords has voted to delay tax credit cuts, the Spectre premiere where Daniel Craig was joined by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,processed meat can increase the risk of bowel cancer, 5 people from the UK have been died after a boat carrying whale watchers capsizes in Canada, hundreds die in a magnitude 7.5 earthquake in north eastern Afghanistan, and a Boeing 737-400 operated by Comair in a British Airways livery suffers a landing gear collapse after landing in South Africa. 

 The biggest story today though, certainly in my opinion, is the news that a 15 year old boy has been arrested “in connection” with the Talk Talk hack. He has been arrested on suspicion of “Computer Misuse Act” offences in Northern Ireland. It’s not yet clear whether he carried out the attacks himself, with others, or at all. But let’s approach this assuming he had something to with it. That mean that a boy my age, managed to hack the website of a multinational organisation, potentially leaking personal information and causing the Talk Talk stock to fall by 12.27%. Let me stress the my age thing here. Being 15, he is criminally responsible for his actions. It’s just extremely hard to comprehend how someone who still has to attend school was capable of doing this. I struggle getting my laptop to work most of the time, and this guy is capable of hacking a website! I wouldn’t even know where to start! As I say, I’m assuming a lot here; he is only being questioned. But if what much of the countries media is saying is true, this 15 boy hacked Talk Talk. 

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