The Day Summed Up #4  A Sporting Special

Two major sporting stories to kick off today’s blog. Lewis Hamilton is the 2015 Formula 1 world champion, his third title, putting him on a par with the likes of Ayton Senna and Niki Lauda. With 15 laps to run, Hamilton looked to have to wait until the Mexican Grand Prix to seal the title, with Rosberg on fresh tires having stopped during a virtual safety car period. But when Daniil Kvyat lost control and an actual safty car was deployed, Hamilton was given a lifeline. He was forced to stop for tires and rejoined in second, but on fresher tires, when Rosberg ran wide, Hamilton was able to take the lead and cross the line in first.  

The other main sporting news of today is Austrailia beating Argentina at twickenham, to seal their place at the Rugby World Cup final next week alongside New Zealand. We knew before the first Semi Final was played that it was going to be an all Southern Hemisphere final, as predicted by analysts. Argentina were kept in the game by Nicolas Sanchez’s kicking boot, but Adam Ashley-Cooper finished off his hat-trick of tries before the 80th minute to win the match. Argentina it seemed lacked the composure to finish off multiple chances, with Austrailia showing the ruthless discipline that they had used in the group stages, particularly against England, in a match I was lucky enough to watch. 

A train derailment in Texas following heavy floods and a Lawsuit claiming that Apples new WiFi assist feature has inadvertently burnt through $5M in mobile data also hit the news today. 

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