Why I Write

Hi guys! Thought you should all have a look at Kaitlin Ugolik’s blog! I found it really intersting.

On Empathy

Today is the 7th Annual National Day on Writing. I learned about this on Twitter, naturally, but as I started trying to think up 140 characters about why I write, I realized it was actually a pretty difficult task.

Here’s what I came up with:

I got tripped up trying to turn all of the various types of writing I do into one ethereal thing called ~writing~ that I do for a specific set of reasons. The truth is, it’s not really like that. I started writing as soon as I knew the alphabet, and the reasons have ebbed and flowed ever since.

First, I wrote because I had a very active imagination, and it was a way to turn some of the magic and drama in my head into something that felt real…

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