The Day Summed Up #2

The biggest stories of today stem from the talk talk cyber attack. Millions of users have had personal and banking details accessed, and it begs the question; how safe is sudmitting personal details online, even to a big trusted corporation like Talk Talk. Talk Talk has admitted that it does not encrypt its customer data, meaning that information such as addresses, telephone numbers and bank details may gave been accessed. 

Cyber attacks are becoming a worrying occurance. The Sony hack of November last year proved to be particularly significant, after allegations were made that it was a North Korean government sponsored attack. 

The attack was carried out when the website was hit by extremely intense waves of traffic; so intense that it can’t cope. What isn’t clear is how this would lead to the loss of data, instead of the website just crashing. One suggestion was that this was a distraction for Talk Talk’s defence team while the hackers accessesed the information. This is known as a distributed denial of service attack. 

The evolution of the storage of information means that, with the right skills, almost any website, data centre, or software can be hacked from anywhere in the world. In history, when information was stored on hard copy, it was much easier to defend said information and prevent it being stolen. Now, defending private information is an ongoing battle. Military budgets are in part being spent on cyber security, and this problem looks to be one that will continue long in to the future, no matter how well we encrypt sensitive information. 

In other news, Mexico is braced for what is predicted to be the worst hurricane it has ever experienced, with “potentially catastrophic” consequences. At least 43 people have been killed when a bus collided with a lorry near Bordeux, in what is the worst French road accident since 1982. And, now you can use the long awaited middle finger emoji in the new iOS update…….. 

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